Sock pattern

Hi: I’m looking for a sock pattern to fit kids ages 6-12. I want to use Red Heart super saver. Anyone able to point me in the right direction? Nothing too complicated please.

If you want something very easy to knit, consider using a Fleegle heel. Of all the heels I use I find Fleegle to be the most easy heel to knit. This winter I knitted a pair of socks for my 12 years old son using this heel.

Here is a link to the Fleegle heel:

And now the most important steps as videos

Cast on 6-8 stitches using Turkish cast on (they becomes 12-16 stitches):

Increase until you have enough stitches for the size you knit. The yarn you mentioned is worsted and the 48 stitches mentioned on the Fleegle page should be good for a 12 years old child if you use 3.5mm needles. If you knit very loose, then maybe 44 stitches is good enough.

Knit until you need to begin the gusset increases. Here is a video telling when to begin the gusset increases:

Do the increases according to the instructions and then turn the heel:

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