Sock pattern with Vanna's Choice yarn

I bought a bunch of Vanna’s choice yarn on sale the other day, and I’ve been searching for a sock pattern that uses this type of yarn or something similar. I need to make my MIL some sock for Christmas. She has size 11 feet, so it needs to be a larger sock pattern.

Someone please help me before I go insane!!!

Look for patterns using worsted weight, you’d need to knit it on size 6s or so. Though this may be too thick a sock to wear with shoes, but would be okay with slippers or boots. The size of a sock is usually the length more than width, so you’d proably just need to knit the foot longer.

Don’t know what you’re experience is so here’s a few basic ones. Just make the foot longer as Sue says.

Thank you so much for linking to my pattern for big squishy bed socks! I love your website and have found it so helpful for questions big and small. I just now saw this link to my blog and wanted to thank you for mentioning it!

Glad you like the site! Please return soon.