Sock pattern search

I am on the lookout for a simple, but super cute sock. I want to use sock yarn and a small needle with it, and what it to have some sort of stretch ribbing around the leg/cuff.

Any ideas?

Oh boy… there are hundreds of sock patterns and everyone has their own idea about what is cute. Top down and toe up, different kinds of heels, etc. The simplest ones are the plain stockinette of course. The best thing to do is search on Ravelry. It’s a free site and simply awesome for finding patterns. Then come back here and join us. :thumbsup:

Here’s a few though to get you started -

Thank you! I’m not keen on the middle one, but love the other two. I have done top down, but not toe up yet. I’m not super pro at socks yet, but have been able to work my way through a few. My children are now requesting I knit them socks now that they have seen me work on them. :mrgreen:

I want a sock that the leg will stay up. That is stretchy, but won’t give way and get loose. Would it depend on the fiber I’m using? I prefer cotton, but I haven’t seen sock yarn out of cotton as of yet. Is there a source I haven’t noticed yet?

Cotton tends to stretch and stay stretched so by itself it’s not recommended. A blend might be ok. Acrylic doesn’t breathe which isn’t good for socks. Wool or wool blends are good. Whatever you choose make sure it’s got some nylon type fiber for strength. You may need to experiment.

The socks that stay up best have a lot of ribbing. I prefer the top to be all ribbing myself. A couple inches isn’t enough IMO.

Thank you for helping me!

I can understand about the cotton. Do they make such a yarn as cotton/nylon? That sounds heavenly. :lol:

I will be on the lookout for ribbed top. I kinda figured that would be the best.

There seems to be quite a few that are wool/cotton/nylon blends. There are pages and pages of them…here’s a few -

This one has bamboo in so I don’t know how it knits up.

You can try too. They have tons of sock patterns. I like superwash merino 75% and 25% nylon for a lot of my socks. Makes them washable, they don’t shrink, like cotton can even a blend can shrink, and just enough nylon for some stretch.