Sock pattern question

Hi, I need some help with my sock pattern, it’s long so I’ve just attached the link and will describe where I am:

Ok, I’ve completed the leg and I’m trying to transition to the heel. It wants me to work R1 to 5 stitches before the end (I’m making the large size). Do I start a new round assuming this is now the beginning of the round?
Then I start the heel by following the pattern for 24 stitches, then setting 32 aside, and going back to my original 24?

I’m getting an error message instead of the link. You can edit your post to correct the link or tell us the name of the sock pattern?
Often you work back and forth on the heel sts until the heel is finished and then go back to working in the round but it would be good to see your particular pattern.

Try this one: chrome://external-file/Simple_Skyp_Socks_PDF_v.2.2.pdf

If not, the pattern is at, called simple Skyp socks


Yes, for the 3rd size (cast on of 64sts) the pattern wants you to stop 5sts before the end of round marker, place a new marker, and call that the new beginning of round.
Work the heel flap back and forth on the next 32sts and place the remaining 32sts on a holder or scrap yarn.

Very elegant sock pattern!

Thanks for your help!