Sock pattern question

Hello, this pattern says it is for beginners. So I figure I would give it a shot. However I am confused. When it says turn the heel, or shape the toes, do I do that on different needles? Do I bind off the portion below? UGH.

With RS facing, pick up 10 sts on left side of heel.
With 2nd needle, knit across 20 sts on instep.
With 3rd needle, pick up 10 sts along right side of heel.
Knit first 7 stitches from heel onto 3rd needle.
Slip rem 7 stitches from heel onto beg of first needle (54 sts, 17/20/17).

When you turn the heel or shape the toe you do it on the same set of needles. You may redistribute the sts on the needles or you may let some sts rest on a needle while you work with others, but it’s all worked on the same needles. Take a look at the video here for making the heel of a sock to see the names for parts of the sock and to get an overview of the process.
For more detail, there’s also a very good tutorial that starts here:

I suggest you do the pattern as it comes. If you have questions then come ask and do that part. It really does make more sense that way. :thumbsup:

I also agree with the suggestion to look at the Come to Silver pattern. It’s perfect for a new sock knitter!!

WOW I love that website. Thank you so very much.