Sock pattern question

Ok…knitting my first sock, and have been working my slip knit part of the heel flap. Thats going fine, seems to be a firmer fabric I’m assuming because you need that at the heel. I’ve been reading ahead so I know what to expect and I’m confused on the part after I turn the heel, as follows.

Pick up sts for heel gussets as follows: knit 9 sts: place marker (this is now the end of rnd marker); with another needle, knit 9 sts, pick up 19 sts along edge of heel flap, place marker, (with another needle, knit 14sts of instep) twice; place marker, with another needle, pick up 19 sts along edge of heel flap, knit rem 9 sts - 84 sts

I’m straight on the picking up of stitches. I have the following 3 ?'s

  1. How many needles in there do you count? I’m counting 5…am I counting wrong or are they suggesting you divide it up between the 4 needles so that my 5th needle is the working needle.

  2. When it says (with another needle, knit 14sts of instep) twice that means I actually do that part in parenthesis twice right? Every pattern I’ve read in the past mean for you to do whats in parenthesis twice(and I am by no means new to knitting, just to knitting socks) I guess this is related to the # of needles ? It just seems like too many needles floating around, lol!

  3. Is this just a wonky pattern? I’ve read Silver’s sock class and on hers it has the heel flap all on one needle, the first picked up stitches on another needle, the instep on another, and the 2nd set of picked up stitches on the 4th needle. That totally makes sense to me. This pattern…not so much. Would it hurt to switch at this point to Silver’s Sock Class pattern? Or do you think this method will result in a nicer finished sock?

Anyway…thank you so much for your time! I’m having fun knitting my first sock and want to do my best. I’m also in the process of moving so my knitting is a fun diversion from all that needs to get done (perhaps I’m spending too much time on knitting, hehe!).

The end result will be no different, regardless of how many needles you use to hold the stitches. The important part is that you pick up the exact same number of stitches on either side of the heel flap. The rest of the stitches are already existing and as long as you know where the beginning/end of your round is you will be fine.