Sock pattern question

Hi everyone,

I am knitting a sock pattern, I have reached the toe section of the left foot, and the instructions are as follows:

For all sizes-
Round 1: knit
Round 2: K1, ssk, k to 3 stitches before end of instep, K2tog, k2, ssk, k until 3 stitches rem.
Rep these 2 rounds until 18(22) stitches remain. Graft sts together using Kitchener stitch.

This is for both feet, ie there are no separate instructions for the right foot.

This looks as though it will decrease sts evenly on both sides of the toes in the same way for both right and left socks. My question is, surely they should be different for each foot - in that you want a slightly longer length where the big toe goes, then a left slanting decrease for the left foot, and a right slanting decrease for the right? I can’t see how this will work for both feet? Or do I just trust it will work?! Thanks!

This is quite a common geometry for toes and it produces a lovely symmetrical toe which is quite comfortable. I’ve seen similar increase patterns for toe up socks.
@Beth_Leatherman what do you do for toes please?

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I knit toe-up, so I use a totally different pattern. Years ago, I made some cuff-down socks and the pattern you use is, I think, the only one I used for toes. I don’t know of any pattern where the left and right toes are different. Even the wedge-toe pattern somehow centers around the big toe and conforms more to roundness over its life (somewhat). Perhaps it’s the nature of knit fabric. I have been trying more rounded toe patterns recently.

As far as left- or right-leaning stitches, they lean with the fabric toward the center of the garment, not the foot. I think the slant you’re referring to is the shape of the entire toe of the sock rather than the slant of the decreases.

Yes, your pattern will work!

If you really, really want left and right socks, check out this video: and good luck getting them on correctly every time on the first attempt! I can’t even match pairs of store-bought basic black socks, so figuring out which is left and which is would be a nightmare!



Thank you, that’s really helpful- I will go with it and trust the pattern!


I will add that knit fabric will easily stretch to fit either foot :slightly_smiling_face: while shoes typically do not stretch. :grimacing: (ouch, tight).


If you search “anatomical sock toe knitting” there are several tutorials, mostly involving graph paper and drawing round your tootsies, plus a few patterns that do it for you.

I made this pattern with right and left toe shapes a long time ago:

If you look through the projects you can decide whether you think it makes for a better fit. I’m afraid I can’t remember what I did with mine – must have been for a gift and I can’t remember who I gave them to to ask whether they liked the customisation :slight_smile: