Sock pattern question, stuck at shaping the heel

This is the second pair of socks I’ve ever knitted but it seems like I’ve knitted myself stuck.

Here is the pattern:

This is a sock where the round starts in the center of the heel
I’ve just finished:

until 10 rnds of Cable Pat have been completed twice, then rep Rnds 1 and 2 of Cable Pat once more – 22 rnds total (62 sts on needle). Sl 15 sts before and after heel marker onto dpn – 30 sts. Leave remaining 32 sts on dpn’s for instep.

The next step is:

Shape Heel Flap: Row 1 (RS): * Sl 1, k1, rep from * across. Turn.

However after following the directions I’ve got 30 stitches on 1 needle with my working yarn in the very center of the needle.

I’m not sure if I should tink out 15 stitches and then start the shaping the heel flap (which would undo 3 stitches in the cable portion), or if I didn’t follow the ‘SL 15 sts before and after heel marker’ Ending the last round puts me at the heel marker and I’m not sure how you SL before the marker if you’re already there.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

It looks to me like they left out a step - I know that when I’ve started a heel flap - I have to knit to the end of the heel and then purl back to the other side of the heel flap, then I begin the flap.

On your pattern it looks like you get to the heel marker, knit 15, turn and purl back 30, place remaining stitches(not heel stitches) on holder. Then begin your heel flap per the directions. Leave your heel marker and keep sliding it on each row of the heel flap, because you’ll need to know later where the center back is.

Hopefully, my directions are clear. And if anyone sees a mistake in my directions or knows of an easier way - please post.