Sock pattern query

Hello everyone!

So, I bought some STR Watermelon Tourmaline (medium weight) the other day that I’ll get to after finishing my sweater, but was wondering what your favourite sock patterns are.

I’m looking for something fun that’ll show off the colours of the yarn but something simple too. I’m looking for top down please. Have yet to try toe up. It’s kinda scary lol.

Oh, toe up is not so scary. Well, I guess anything can be scary until you try it, but it’s not hard, really.

Anyway, a very popular pattern, esp for variegated or self-striping yarn, is the jaywalkers pattern.

It’s not too hard, the colors don’t take away from the patterning, and it looks cool. The only thing is there are some sizing issues. for example, I made the larger sock, requiring 84 sts, and it fits. I normally make a sock with 60 sts.