Sock Pattern Possible Typo?

Hi! I have a knitting pattern issue. And I cannot find any answers anywhere online. Does this seem right to you? It’s a sock. 20 stitches on each needle (3 needles). When I get to the “ARRANGE HEEL” part I think there’s a typo because I can’t figure it out. It seems like there’s only 15 stitches on needle one instead of 20… “knit 10 then slip 5” what am I supposed to do with the other 5 stitches on that needle? Thanks!

It looks to me like it should read K15 (not 10) You slip the last 5sts of needle 1 and first 5sts of needle 3 to needle 2 to make a total of 30sts which become the instep sts. You then have 15sts each on needles 1+3 for the heel flap etc. which (I think) you put together on needle 1 to have a spare needle to split the instep sts onto 2 needles (I can’t see this instruction on the portion of pattern you posted above but I’m guessing this is what you do here, it’s what usually happens!!)
Good luck with your socks :grinning:

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