Sock Pattern on circulars

Does anyone know where I can find sock patterns that are wrote to work on circular needles? Thanks

Here’s a few patterns:

Simple Toe Up Socks on Two Circulars.

Straight-Laced Socks.

Modified Sock Pattern using two circulars.

Two At Once Toe-up Sock Pattern. Free pattern link at bottom of page.

Ladies Simple Socks on Two Circulars.

Do you mean for one tiny circular, magic loop or two circs? I’ve never heard of one specifically for a tiny circular.

Here’s Two Toe Up Socks on One Circular from Silver. Her patterns are great I made my first socks from her sock tutorial and I just finished my 2nd pair (Rainy Day Socks) yesterday. No pics yet.

Two circulars

Carla, BTW, love the pup!

Thank you, yours is cute too!