Sock pattern Legend

I have started a sock on double point needles and the pattern says
K on RS, P on WS. I’m not quite sure how you purl or knit on the WS. Help

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Is this direction from the legend for a chart? Often the charts are generated by computer and that is the standard legend. It’s generated whether you need it or not.
If your pattern directs you to knit in the round, you’ll always be knitting on the RS so then follow the direction to knit on the RS.
Can you give us a link to the pattern or a pattern name?

The link is The pattern is Inlay

Thanks very much for the link. Yes, ignore the directions for the WS for the main chart and most of the sock. You’re working in the round and only need follow the RS directions. When you get to the heel flap you will work back and forth in rows and so for the heel flap, follow the chart legend for the WS rows.