Sock pattern help

my grandmothers having trouble with a pattern

“it gives a stitch explanation. when i knit the leg or foot when do i begin to use the stitch explained at the beginning. they mention only stocking knit stitch”


The instructions will usually tell you when to start working the pattern stitch. Can you post a link to the pattern?

Can you tell us what the pattern name is or give us a link to the pattern?
Usually the stitch pattern is found on the leg and often on the instep (the upper part of the foot).

its on the wrapper from the yarn its lion brand stockinette socks LB#90685

i figured it out , it started with ssk, then tells her what to do, so i realised whenever she sees ssk in pattern thats when to follow that, thanks yall

Ah, great! Always nice to have help right there. Hope the socks are terrific.