Sock pattern help?

Hey guys! I’m new here and have a question. I’m trying to knit a size thirteen men’s sock (this will be my second sock ever) and I could only find one pattern that made socks this big.

I’m confused when it comes to the heel though. It says to work the heel on two needles (1 and 3)? Every video and tutorial I’ve found only works the heel on one needle. If I start on the RS of needle one and follow this pattern I’m afraid it will end up having an uneven amount of rows between needle 1 and 3. Also I don’t understand how the heel turn will work because it doesn’t provide instructions for all 38 stitches?

Anyway if someone could help me figure out what I’m misunderstanding in this pattern, I’d greatly appreciate it. It’s a christmas present!

welcome to KH!

that pattern link isn’t working right now… any chance it’s the same/similar as ?

some patterns have you reserve the instep (front of foot/shin) stitches on 2 needles while working the heel on 1 and, some have you reserve the instep on 1 needle while working the heel on the other 2. it’s just a designer/knitter preference.

if that’s the right pattern link, let us know, and we’ll go from there… :slight_smile:


Thanks! From what I can tell it is a different pattern. I think you are right about the instep and working the heel on two needles, but i can’t seem to find a tutorial for that. Everything I’ve found has the heel flap worked on only one needle. Does the link work now?

If not, the directions for the beginning of the pattern are as follows (I’m using DPNs btw):

DPN’s - 20 sts on needles 1 and 3; 35 sts on needle 2.
Work all rnds as foll:
Needle 1: (P2, K3) 4 times (20 sts);
Needle 2: (P2, K3) 7 times (35 sts)
Needle 3: (P2, K3) 4 times (20 sts).
Cont in patt for 58 rnds or until leg is 6” long from cast-on edge.
Set up heel:
Magic Loop - Work heel on 38 sts of ndl 2. Needle 1 begins and ends
with P2. Knit one round in patt.
DPNs - Knit ndls 1 and 2 in pattern. Move the first 2 sts from needle 3
to needle 2 (these two purl sts will form the border bet instep and foot
and prevent ladders). Knit to end of needle 3 in patt.
Next round: Hold 37 sts on needle 2 to be worked later for instep. RS
is facing (you may need to purl one row to do this, just do whatever
needs to be done). Work the heel on needles 1 and 3 (38 sts).
Heel Flap:
Row 1: *Sl 1 pwise with yarn in back, k 1, rep from * (end k1).
Row 2: Sl 1 pwise with yarn in front, purl to end.
Repeat these two rows a total of 19 times or 38 rows total with 19
chain sts (slipped selvedge sts) along each edge. End after a WS row (row 2)

I guess I’ve never done an instep before and don’t know exactly what that means. I’ve completed the leg of the sock I just don’t know how the pattern works from there.

A sock foot has two parts, top and bottom. The top is the instep, the bottom is the sole.

It won’t matter how many needles you have the heel flap stitches on. I don’t see why the pattern says to work them on 2 needles unless there are too many stitches for one needle. At this point you just work back and forth on the same stitches as the pattern tells you to for 38 rows.

Does that help?

I guess that makes sense, but the only part I’m concerned with is that once I end the the pattern for the leg I end up on the RS of needle one. If I go across needle one on the RS and then turn to the WS won’t needle one inevitable have one more row than needle three?