Sock pattern help!

This pattern is for top-down socks. I’ve got the ankle (leg) part done along with the heel flap. but the next part of the pattern is confusing. I think I’m doing the right thing but I don’t want to cut the yarn if I’m not here’s what it says:

Rnd 28: With free needle, pick up and K10 evenly spaced across ends of rows 1-20 (the heel flap) on right side of Heel, K first 7 sts of Heel; with seperate needle, K next 7 sts of Heel, pick up and K10 evenly spaced across ends of rows 20-1 on left side of Heel; with separate needle, K next 20 unworked sts; do not turn.

I copied it exactly. I have a few questions. When I’m done with the heel flap, can I bind off? It says to cut the yarn but never says to take out the needle or bind off. Also, In the part of the pattern I typed above, It keeps saying “with a seperate needle.” Where are all of these needles coming from?! Please help, even if it’s just a little bit!

Hmm :thinking: I’m not the sock expert, but maybe this video will help you? :oops: Or you could go to Silver’s Sock Class; I’m sure that will help you too.

thanks. I’ll have to check it out!

Silver’s sock tutorial is great and I’m sure that you will learn all that you need from there. But, if you are like me in any way a bit of visual help often helps, too! I have the DIY network and watch the show “knitty gritty” and this episode is the one what made :figureditout: the light go off over my head for me to figure socks out!! Of course, the entire episode is not at the site, but short video tutorials are!
There are also some sock videos here :thumbsup:
Have fun :wink:

I knew the sock brigade would show up!

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thank you SO MUCH rebecca for the video on the DIY network!!! You have helped me so much and I now know exactly what to do! I can’t thank you enough! :heart: