Sock Pattern Help

Hello. I’m stuck knitting my first sock, I wondered if someone might help me? The pattern is here:

I’m knitting the large version, so have 54 stitches (18 on each needle). My issue is with the heel, I’m unsure how I rearrange the stitches. The pattern says:

Slip last 14 sts of 3rd needle and first 14 sts of first needle onto needle for heel. Slip rem 26 sts onto st holder for 2nd instep.

Which is considered the ‘first needle’, and which is the ‘third needle’? How do I rearrange these stitches without putting the yarn stitch in between other stitches?

Here is a picture of my work at the moment:


Welcome to KH!
When you joined to knit in the round, you placed a marker on the first stitch for the beginning of round. If you didn’t place a marker then the yarn tail will show you where the first stitch is. That stitch and the 17 following are on needle #1 and the numbering proceeds around from there.

If you aren’t changing colors, you could work around to the marker, place the last 14sts worked on a needle and then knit the next 14sts from needle #1. You would then be in place to turn and work the first wrong side row. The heel is knit back and forth.