Sock pattern help?

I am knitting my first sock and have run into a problem after completing the heel, and no matter how many times I redo it I just can’t figure this out. So, once you get to the heel the pattern tells you to move some stitches to waste yarn, then turn the tube inside out so the wrong side is facing. Then the short rows begin. After that, it has you split the stitches back up onto the DPNs, and I’m going to explain it as best as I can so it makes sense. First it has you knit halfway back across the heel so that the working yarn ends up in the middle of the heel, what would be the back of the sock. Then it has you pick back up the stitches from the waste yarn. It then wants you to begin knitting in the round again, but now, because of where the working yarn is, the direction it is forcing me to knit in means that now I’ll be knitting on the wrong side, so it’s like halfway through my sock the right and wrong sides reverse. I tried redoing the heel without turning the work inside out, but somehow the same thing happened. I kind of just can’t picture what’s going on, and no matter what I try I can’t fix it. I assume this is a result of my sock ignorance, so any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you!

Can you post a link to the pattern and give us a pattern name? Don’t post it here as it’s a copyright issue.

Oh my gosh, the pattern was from a book, so I was trying to see if it could be found online, and on Ravelry there’s this long note from the designer saying how the instructions for this particular pattern were printed completely incorrectly. No wonder I was so confused! I never thought it would be their mistake and not mine, so I didn’t even think to check if the pattern was incorrect. Sorry for the trouble, and thank you! Anyways, if anyone is curious, the pattern was for the Quickie socks from The Joy of Sox.

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Here’s a note of at least some errata with corrections: