Sock Pattern for Wool of the Andes Yarn?

I purchased 4 skeins of Wool of the Andes (100% wool, 110 yards each) from KnitPicks a long, long time ago. I have 2 in Maple Syrup and 2 in Evergreen. I thought I had a nice pattern printed out for these but I can’t find it and my searching on the internet hasn’t helped.

Since these are solid colors and not the fun varigated or self-striping, can anyone suggest a pattern that will work for these? I’m fine with lace or cables but I do prefer DPNs over circulars if possible.

I’m trying so hard to knit from my stash!

Thank you!

Are you making boot socks or to wear with slippers around the house? WoTA is a worsted weight and needs to be knitted on at least size 6, if not larger.


I’m guessing you know that you would have to gently hand wash these socks every time they are worn? Just checking:shrug:

Yes, that’s fine with me. I’d just like to knit them up into something instead of having them take up space in my stash. Any suggestions on a pattern that would work well?

How about these?