Sock Pattern? DPN's or circulars?

Hi there! I want to make a pair of socks for hubby for Valentine’s Day. I was trying to decide which pattern to use.

I have one for DPN’s and one ( from for circular needles. I have never made socks before.

Which is easier to make them on: DPN’s or circulars?

Thanks for all your help,

I was SURPRISED to find that I liked making socks on DPNs more than circs.

Really? That;s cool! That’s definitely the cheaper option. I found a great deal on DPN’s at Joann’s. They have I think four sizes of DPN’s for socks for 9.99!

I much prefer dpn’s over circulars as well. Not sure why. Maybe it is because that is how I learned first and what I am most familiar with.

Yep you can get that set BUT they are sized 000 to 1 so those are VERY tiny needles. IF this is your first sock you might want to use larger needles and a heavier yarn. I am doing a pair of socks right now with size 0 and trekking sock yarn and I have to put it down every couple rows because the stitches are so tiny. I would have found it frustrating on my first sock. I did my first with DK weight and size 4 (or 5?) needles.

I’ve tried using size 1 dpns…ouchie! I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do really fine knitting; my fingers do not like the wee needles. (My wonky eyes don’t like it so much, either!)

Wow, just think of knitters in the Middle Ages who used needles as fine as wire to knit super-fine-gauge woolen stockings… :shock:

I’m the two-circ evangelist!! I looooove knitting socks on two circs! :smiley:

This is a great thread guys–I was kind of wondering the same thing! I really want to learn socks (I’ll probably hate it and be disappointed!) but I’m not sure that I’m ready yet. Thanks for the info–dpns look a little scary but then again–so do circulars since all I’ve used are straight needles!

Oh dpns only LOOK scary–they’re not at all. If I could knit with them after knitting for only a month, anyone can knit with them. (I’m a total spaz!)

I love knitting with them. I like the way they clickety-click! :thumbsup:

DPNs are nothing to be afraid of! Just remember that when using four, even five needles in a project, you’re only knitting with TWO. The rest are stitch holders, to be ignored until you come to that point in the round.

If you are brand spanking new to knitting, I would recommend a simple tube-sock style pattern. Ribbed for a bit, but mostly stockinette for the rest of it. Most guys I know will wear tube socks.

The book Folk Socks has some great beginner patterns, but I’ve yet to see a man wear an ankle crew sock. has a couple of free basic sock patterns that would be good for a first effort. The basic sock uses Wool Ease and #7 dpns for the man’s sock - that’s a good size for beginners, you’ll be able to see what you’re about throughout the heel construction. Knit in one color yarn for the first project though. You can always experiment once you get the mechanics down.

Good luck! Post pics!

Thanks for all the advice. I was a little scared to try the dpns but now I am definitely ready!

Are the socks knit with wool ease really hot?

Cristy, why don’t we pick a pattern and go through it together?

Thanks, Jen

My dh wears only crew socks…ankle socks in the summer. I think he associates tube socks with the fashion horrors of the 70s!

I like the wool-ease socks. They are warm, but neither the dh nor I have had sweaty-feet problems with them. And, you can always consider them starter socks–biggish stitches and needles to get the feel of sockmaking–then go to yarn you really like (like cotton or…cashmere :heart: :heart: !!) once you’ve got the hang of it.

I’m going sock crazy! Must buy yarn now…Must buy yarn…

Feel the power of the sock!!! borrowing Kelly’s voodoo fingers and wiggling them at you!

Other than a pair of socks currently on my needles for DH, all of the socks I have knit have been fingering/sock weight on either 2.75 or 3.25 mm needles. I find the first few rounds a little tricky, particularly because I normally use 4 working needles. But once I get to about the 5th round or so, it’s smooth sailing. I haven’t tried using 2 circs, or magic loop yet so I can’t comment on those.

Don’t be afraid of either method, they are both fun! That said, I’m leaning towards two circulars right now, mainly because I don’t have to worry about dropping and losing a needle, and I have less problems with laddering.Good luck, you can do it :thumbsup:

Not to throw this off-topic or anything, but, Ella, that avatar of yours made me think I was loosing my mind. I kept thinking I saw it move out of the corner of my eye, and then I’d look and look … and … nuttin’! Finally I saw it wink. Whew! Weird.

Oh, and just to get back to socks: I really have learned to like knitting w/ DPNs, too. I haven’t tried circs for socks yet, but that’s in the not too distant future.

Do Not Be Afraid … It’s Only Yarn and Pokey Things! :wink: