Sock Pattern at Question

I’m confused about a part in this pattern. (Note that M1 is not make 1 it’s the color pattern provided on the site)
It says:
Change to double pointed needles size 5 mm / US 8 and work next round as follows: 3-4-4 repeats of M.1 across the round, then work first st in M1 and work the last st on round (= mid back) in light brown mix. Continue in pattern like this.

What I need help with is “then work first st in M1 and work the last st on round (= mid back) in light brown mix.”

What does that mean?

Does it mean before every first stitch of the patter to add a stitch of the light brown mix or at the end and beginning of the round?
Or could it mean to just do 4 repeats and knit the last bit left over in the light brown mix?

Here’s a link to the pattern:

Since you’ve decreased and the stitch counts don’t allow for an even number of pattern repeats, I get the impression that you’ll keep the center back stitches in the light brown mix–the first and last stitches of each round.

Later on, you decrease further on each side of this brown center line, so it probably keeps the pattern neater.

thanks to google translate I figured it out… you add an additional pattern repeat until it doesn’t fit any more…

ok i think i was wrong… but could you explain it better for me

I think I was mistaken in having 2 stitches mid-back in light brown. The first stitch of each round starts the first stitch of the M1 chart. The last stitch of the round is always in light brown.

If you don’t have the right number of stitches for a full pattern repeat, then yes, do whatever stitches remain as a partial repeat, keeping the one stitch in light brown throughout. You’ll work your decreases on each side of this ‘seam’