Sock patern - Heel Flap

Hello knitters,

I’ve been making socks using this pattern

So far it’s all gone according to plan and I have a few pairs of socks. But today while I was knitting I suddenly started to wonder if I’ve been doing a bit of it wrong all this time.

At the heel flap section it says to divide stitches so that needles 1 and 3 have 10 stitches each left, and needle 2 has 20 stitches (place on holder).

Once divided it says to s1, and P to end of row.

Now, if I do this, doesn’t 10 stitches on the left hand side end up with one extra row? Since my round begins between needle 1 and needle 3?

(In double pointed knitting I always treat needle 1 as my left hand needle, needle 2 as the one opposite me, and needle 3 as my right hand needle. So that means the beginning of my round is joined between needles 1 and 3. I also don’t understand why patterns ask me to mark the beginning of a round - I always know that it’s between needles 1 and three, so why mark it? and how would I mark it any way? A stitch marker would fall off…?)

Any insight?



I often knit as I move stitches, so I would knit to the end of needle one with the same needle that all of needle 3’s stitches are on (which the pattern agrees with, it says to have all the stitches from needle 1 and 3 on one needle, but you can keep them on 2 if you want to/find it easier), THEN turn, slip one and purl to the end. Yes, the 10 stitches on needle one may be a almost a row “higher” but it will still work - trust the pattern.

As for marking the beginning of a round, I generally put a marker between the first and second stitches on the first needle. That way, if I move stitches around (like you are now) I can still easily find the beginning of the round.