Sock on ML or 2 Circs

I haven’t taken the plunge to knitting socks with 2 circs or Magic Loop yet. Most of my patterns, done on dpn’s, change needle sizes at least twice, so it it possible to do that with the other methods?

For instance, if the gauge swatch for the sock is a size 4 needle, I cast on with a 6, knit the first few inches of the leg with a 5, then change to a 4 for the rest of the sock.

Looking at the books for the other methods, it looks like it would be very difficult to change needle sizes once you got started. Please let me know if you have done this and how it turned out.

I don’t see why you couldn’t with either method.

I am a 2-circ person, it would be easy enough to switch needles. Just start knitting onto the next needle size for the first half then drop the old needle. When you turn and start the 2nd side, use the new needle size to knit onto and then drop the old needle. Both sides of the sock are now on the new needles.

I don’t know ML other then it’s basic concept, and I expect that, too, would be just a matter of picking up the next needle size and knitting onto the new needle.

It’s exactly the same for magic loop, which is how I do all my socks now. Just start a row with the new needle. All you have to remember is to use the needle just as though it is already in use. That means, for the second set of sts, slide the sts over and use the same tip. Hope that didn’t just confuse everyone!

I think it would be fine on magic loop. Even easier if you have an interchangeable needle set- then you could just screw on the new needle size and go! :slight_smile: