Sock needle size and stitches cast on

I’m just wondering what the majority of people do. I was using Regia loop, and cast on 60 on size 3 needles. Next time I want to use size 2 and either 60 or 64 for cast on. What size of needle and how many stitches do you cast on?

i use whatever the pattern calls for…lol usually anywhere from a 00 to 3 needle size and from 62 to 80 stitches.

same for me…I do what the pattern says but I tend to go up a size in needles if anything b/c I tend to knit a little tightly…

:smiley: Normally, with my gauge, I use around 64 sts on size 1 addi’s & 72 on size 0…again, depends upon the yarn, the pattern, etc :wink:

Hey, I generally use a 2 for a needle, it’s small & it uses up the yarn but they generally last longer with a tighter knit.

Alot of sock yarn doesnt come with a pattern so i hear you loud & clear on wondering what to do…if its a fine yarn try briggs & little fine sock pattern, it rocks…no nonesense pattern.



Can you tell me where I could buy this pattern?

:smiley: You can find aLOT of free sock patterns right here & each pattern will normally give you a gauge @ which it should be knit & the # of sts to cast on :wink: