Sock monkey

I’m knitting a sock monkey and I just have a few questions. First, it says leave stitches on a length of yarn- what does that mean?
(Patons sock monkey) ok- I’m not at the next part yet- so I think this is all I need help with for now. Thanks.

Take a yarn needle and a piece of smooth, lighter weight scrap yarn and thread it through those stitches. Make sure it’s long enough not to come out or you can knot the ends together and then cut the yarn when it’s time to put it back on the needles.

It’s a way of temporarily holding stitches. You will come back and work them later. Sometimes stitch holders that look like giant safety pins are used for this. Since this probably is round, that’s why they want you to put these on a piece of scrap yarn. Use something that’s different colored than the yarn you’re using so you can easily pick these stitches up again. You can also use several bobby pins to securely hold these stitches if you want to.