Sock monkey help

" Leave sts on a length of yarn. Join Legs: Beg at marked st of one leg, with MC, K24 of 1st leg. K24 from 2nd leg. Join in rnd. 48 sts. Place marker on first st. Knit Body in rnds for 6 ins [15cm]. With A, knit 14 rnds."

how do i do this, leg is in the round, do i use a straight needle and pickup stitches will they fit?


Tell me if I’m wrong, but it seems to me what you have done is to knit the 2 legs and at this point you are supposed to join the 2 legs (like at the crotch) to make the two legs become one piece forming the body. You have been knitting the legs in the round and you will continue working in the round but will be going around 24 stitches of one leg and then 24 from the second leg (there may be more than 24 that make up the leg, those would right at the crotch). You have “O” (1 leg) and “O” (the other leg) and now you want to have “OO”. You will knit around the outside of both legs, but the stitches right where the legs come together will not be knit. So picture the two Os touching each other and knit around their outside edges, then just keep knitting to make the monkey’s torso. Continue however you prefer working in the round, either dpns or 2 circulars or Magic loop.