Sock monkey head cover

Greetings Everyone-A couple of years ago I knitted a sock monkey for my husband (I know, sounds weird, but stick with me) and it really does look like my husband, we named him Sid! Sid is balding and wears glasses, hum, looks strangely familiar…anyway, he’s traveled all over the world with my husband we have wonderful photo’s of Sid’s adventures, even sitting in the pilot’s seat in his way to NYC! My husband is a great golfer and I would love to make a sock monkey head cover for him for Christmas. Okay, so how do I do that? I tried searching the internet and all I found were companies who sell head covers. Thanks for your help! Kay

I could only find companies selling them and conventional patterns on Ravelry. But from the pictures, it looks like you could knit the upper body of the sock monkey and leave it open so it can slip over a golf club.
I love the idea of Sid travelling all over the world with your husband!

You just gave me an idea, maybe I could knit the head part using the pattern I have and somehow make the other part like I would when knitting the leg of a sock. Thank you for taking the time to respond and that you appreciate a cute sock monkey traveling with my husband! You clearly have a sense of humor. He (both Sid and my husband) gets so many positive responses when people see Sid sitting and waiting to board the plane and then once on-board there are actual conversations between passengers and Sid. Too funny!