Sock Monkey Hat

Man, I have been out of the loop here. I had a huge abdominal hernia surgery 4 weeks ago and haven’t been in here since. Miss seeing all the beautiful stuff.
This project was one that drove me cuckoo and I have two other hats to make.
My daughter, sil, and grandson travel to exotic places every year on vacation. This year, they are going to hike up Kilamanjaro. Nuts, yep that’s what I think too! :rofl: She asked if I would make them sock monkey hats so they could wear them when they get to the top and have a picture taken of the three of them for their annual crazy Christmas card. So here, the scary thing is.


I’ve been wondering how you were doing after you mentioned you’d be having major surgery. Is your recovery going okay? Are you getting back to some form of normalcy in life? I sure hope so!

Your animal hat is absolutely adorable!!! I haven’t had to make a monkey hat yet, but as you probably know, the flop-eared rabbit, cat, and lion hats drove me cuckoo!! I sure hope you had a good pattern 'cause dreaming it up and executing that dream can sometimes be the worst of it!!!

You did a super job on this little guy (who is definitely in the cute category rather than the scary)!!

Thanks for thinking of me. Progress is going slow after surgery. They had to put a large piece of mess in my abdomen because I didn’t have enough skin to close the area and somehow I developed a minor infection in the area so I am on antibiotics for that which causes diahrrea. On top of that, I am on a pretty strong progestin until June to treat endometrial thickening and it causes diahrrea too so I sit in the bathroom a lot! :rofl: I am so worn out all the time, but hopefully in the next few weeks I will be fit as a fiddle because I will be off both meds, the female stuff will be fixed and I will be healed up from surgery. I can then look forward to our anniversary cruise in Sept.

Super cute! Did you have a pattern?

Thanks! Yes, I bought at pattern, but frankly was more than a little irritated about it. Her instructions seemed incomplete leaving you to guess what to do about things, she neglected to put in what size crochet hook to use for the crocheted areas too. I found she made it more difficult than it needed to be. For example she had you taking 6 pieces of yarn 20" long using three for each section to make the ties, but when you braided only 6 pieces of yarn it was thin, very thin and looked completely different from her picture. Anyway, I was disappointed by the pattern but couldn’t find another pattern for adult hats and I do NOT design. I am a pattern follower.

Sorry you’ve been sick! That hat is adorable!

I’m new here, but wanted to send you healing vibes. That’s a great looking hat!!!

You’re a doll, thanks. Stinks to get old and your body betrays you! lololol

Glad the surgery is over and that you’re doing well (albeit not quite back to your usual self yet). It’s never easy but you’re on your way to a complete recovery and you sound upbeat which is all good. And you can look forward to a better summer with a cruise at the end of it.
The hat is adorable and all three will really be a treat to
see. Good luck with the project and welcome back to the forum. We missed you!


It’s so good to see you back, and I’m so very glad you’re recovering well! It sounds like you’ll be back to your old self relatively soon. :hug:

Sock monkeys are so adorable, and your hat is absolutely precious! One down, two more to go… those lucky kids…

Amazing hat! Great job, you done good.

Speedy [I]total [/I]recovery to you!

Welcome back and speedy recovery to you. Your hat is awesome, one of those things that make me laugh (in a good way) when I open a thread.

I think you should make a mental note to come back and post the picture of you family on the mountain top, to brag where your [I]hats[/I] have been! :wink:

I imagine I will post the pic when they are on top of Kilamanjaro. We had brunch with them yesterday and she said she loved it. I told her I was afraid she would hate it and she said, “Why, it looks just like a sock monkey?” I told here about the lousy directions, some of which were incorrect, and how it took me 4 times to get the muzzle on straight and the eyes and ears on right. She asked me if I thought the next one would be easier and I told her I sure hoped so! :rofl: :rofl:

What a darlin’ thing! Love him!

Awesome hat and what an adventurous family! Happy to hear you are recovering from you surgery.

Your hat does indeed look just like a sock monkey. I look forward to seeing the pictures of the three adventurous sock monkeys at the top of Kilimanjaro. Great hat for the Christmas card.

Take care of yourself so you’ll be ready for the cruise. Sounds wonderful.

That’s adorable, and a great idea! I hope you are feeling better!