Sock mistake help

I am knitting socks on two circular needles. I am past the heal turn which was done on one needle. I see a mistake way way back. Does anyone know how to rip back when using two needles and two balls of yarn like this?

Welcome to KH,

I have not made a sock like this…but I take it that the mistake is past the heel? When you were working with the 2 circs? I would prolly see if I could drop a few sts down and fix it and if I couldn’t…then I would prolly try to insert a lifeline before the mistake and just remove the circs…and frog back to the lifeline…:thumbsup:

Yea, that is what I was afraid of. I think I will have to do that and it just kills me. It is almost back to the cuff and I am probably three or four inches past the heal.

Now I wonder how I will make sure I have them even with the other sock when I work my way back.

Well it has been a learning experience and I do like the method. I think the book is “knitting circles around socks” by Antge Gillingham. But she expects that you won’t be having this problem, I guess.

You might be able to put a safety pin on your first st and follow that up…that way you will know that is where your first st of the round is…and the yarn should stop on the st next to it…that would be the last st in the round…

ohh wait…you mean even with the 2nd sock…so you are working 2 socks at once? I would prolly place the 2nd sock on waste yarn and just lay it to the side… mark the first st so you know…and then just work this sock till it measure the 2nd sock again…then put them both on the circs and continue that way…:thumbsup:

Those are good suggestions. Thanks. I wish i had seen this earlier. I was so excited about this method of doing two socks at once. i will do it again and I love this self striping yarn.

:yay: I can’t wait to see them…I keep thinking I will sit down and try this method…but I still just grab my dpns or work one on magic loop :teehee:

Well, I have to ask you - just what is the mistake? I have to wonder at frogging back almost to the cuff - you are pretty much all but starting over! Is the mistake something you can live with? Atfterall, it is a sock and who will be looking that closely at your cuff while you are wearing them??

I should have lived with it. It was a dropped stitch only about an inch from the cuff. I could have hid it under my pant leg. I am now re-knitting the entire sock and I am sick to my stomach. I am going to JoAnne’s today to buy another circular needle as I can’t keep moving the other sock around. It is almost driving me over the edge. I think I will try to magic loop method to get the ripped sock back to where it was, which will probably take me awhile. Then I will try to get them back to the arrangement I had which was heel on 16 in circular and instep on 24 in circular needle.

I am going to learn to tolerate small errors from now on. These were not even a gift for anyone. I was just afraid they might come apart with wear and tear with that stitch that way. I WILL learn to love kntting socks! Ha

do youhave any stitch holders? 2, even the smallest size, should be sufficient to hold the 2nd sock until you re-knit the first.