Sock Mate Motivation

Anyone have some helpful or humorous advice as to how to stay motivated when knitting a pair of socks? I always find that once I finish that first one, I’m so eager to start another project that my motivation to knit the sock’s mate begins to wane. :wall:

Have you tried Silver’s new tutorial?

I, personally, do not like to have unfinished business. I do not allow myself to start another project until I’m completely finished with the current one, including socks.

my only advice is to think of what would happen if your gauge changed.

that’s the only reason I haven’t chucked this other sleeve out the window yet.

i read of someone that has 2 sets of dpns. knits the cuff on one, knits the cuff on two, knits the leg on one, knits the cuff on two, heel, heel…

I like to make mine with 2 circs at the same time…

I’m the same as auburnchick…one project at a time. I always tell myself that it’s not a finished object until the second sock is completed. I won’t allow myself to start something else or even take pictures of one finshed sock - it has to be a pair. Besides, you can’t wear them until you make both, right?

If you figure it out, let me know. I usually want to wear them right away, so that requires two (except for my first pair, when I was so proud of myself for knitting one that I wore it while knitting the second). But I hated doing the toe-up method so much for the entrelac sock, I’m really dreading #2. I might force myself to do the toe (again, it’s been frogged once already) tonight so I can take it on a road trip tomorrow and make some real progress. <whine>But I have new yarn arriving today for a new project, and I want to work on the other [two] pairs of socks I’ve got going :frowning: </whine> [size=2]At least pair #2 is being knit two at a time (on size 0s, talk about slow going!) and pair #3 is with really cool yarn on size 2s (lightning speed!).[/size]

[color=indigo]I don’t allow my evil twin :twisted: to have any discussion with me :angelgrin: about it. I just CO and start knitting whether I want to or not. I am, however, going to invest in another set of DPNs for the next pair and knit both at the same time to see if that makes a difference. :x: [/color]

Knit them two at a time! That’s what I always do…I knit either on two circs or magic loop. That way I never get the dreaded SSS :muah:

I’m still new to knitting socks so when I finish the first one I always put it on when I sit down to knit. I look ridiculous but it makes me want to finish the mate. Plus I can’t wait to post a FO picture and that motivates me too!

I want to wear the pair so I always seem to cast on the next sock. Hope that SSS doesn’t interfere too much.

I put on the first sock and leave it on until I have cast on the second sock and worked several rows. Works like a charm! (Has to, because you can’t take off the first till several rows are done on the second and you’d look like a ditz with just one sock…)

Thank you all for the wonderful advice. I actually kept the first sock on while knitting the cuff for its mate (I usually find the cuff the most boring and tedious part of the sock). Here are the socks. I finished them in a couple of days, working on them here and there:

And on my tootsies:

I made them mismatched in contrasting colors intentionally. I used Lion Brand Microspun in the colors Lime and Turquoise. :happydance:

[color=indigo]I am deeply into my first pair of socks. I read about the dreaded SSS, so I started two at once. I started one on US 5 DPNs and one on 2 circs. I wanted to assure myself that I could do all three sock techniques.

After about 4" on each, I realized that DPNs involved a lot of extra movement, many more joins, and more concentration, so I transferred both socks to 2 MLs. Now after about 13" on each, I realize that the ML offers no real advantage over the 2 circs and is less portable, so for my 2nd pair, I will be using 2 sets of double circs.

I’m sure that had I worked only one at a time, I would be rather “un-enthusiastic” about now. I definitely recommend doing 2 at once.



I’m sending my 3 single socks to England with the yarn and AmandaC is making the mates.


Well, she IS getting paid in yarn for her services :teehee:

I also have a serious case of SSS - and I’m only on my second pair of socks. But since they’re a present for a friend and she is aware that she is getting them and keeps asking about my progress I cast on the second sock right away. I’m making her an easter package together with the socks and she lives in Australia, so I need to get them mailed off a.s.a.p!

I bought alot of sock yarn recently and am considering knitting two at the same time (on two sets of DPNs) to see if that helps. Next up is a pair for my husband and I’m sure he’ll be keeping track of my progress too. Then I want to try some fancier purple ones for myself!

So I guess what I’m trying to say is that you should have others keep track of your progress - here on the forum for example. Then we can all cheer you on and “hassle” you to finish the second sock. :teehee:

[color=indigo]That was one of my thoughts when starting my blog. There are a small group of us on 360 that cheer each other on, :happydance: as well sigh through the down times. :verysad: Makes it really nice! :muah: [/color]