I knit my first sock! I am very pleased with myself. It even looks like a sock, which is even cooler :slight_smile:

While I was making it, as I turned the heel and it started to look like a sock, my s/o (who couldn’t be less interested in knitting, though he thinks it’s “hot” that I knit) got really excited that it had a whole special heel pattern. He dug through his dresser to find a gold toe dress sock and wanted to know if the sock would have a neat separate toe pattern too, like his dress sock. I couldn’t stop laughing to tell my s/o that it would have a toe part, because it was too funny to watch my macho, bycicling, bartending boyfriend leap up and down and brandish a sock with such glee.

All right, admittedly, it would be funny to watch anyone brandish a sock with glee. Like I am doing :slight_smile:

Great sock! I just did my first ones too, and was awfully impressed with myself, although it lacked the detail yours has! I’m trying my second pair now, but it’s not as fun because the yarn’s too small and I have too much trouble seeing the stitches!


Nice sock! And the color suits you. :wink: