Sock made on one circular needle

I decided I was going to make a sock on one 9 inch circular needle. The pattern I used started at the cuff and was actually pretty easy to get started. Now, I’m on the heel and the pattern says to knit a certain amount of stitches and then [I]turn[/I] my knitting.
How do I do this and/or would it be easier to just switch to double pointed needles at this point?

You can do it on a circular. Just turn to purl on the inside of the sock for a few rows on part of the sts. You work back and forth in order to make the shaping for the heel. You still only knit on the ends of the YO, the other sts just hang out on the cord until you’re ready for them.

Oh Surila! Your post just really caught my attention!

First off, I have to tell you that I still haven’t attempted knitting a true/real sock, so I won’t be the one to give you the answer(s) you’re seeking.:shrug: However… until I’m ready to take that plunge, I’ve been knitting tube socks on size 2 circular 9" needles. (with sock/fingering yarn) When I get to the point in the decreasing, (toe), where the the stitches are getting too stretched around the cable, I switch to my little 4" size 2 DPNs. This is where things slow down. I’m still a novice when it comes to double pointed needles.

You will get some great advice, I’m sure, from some of the expert sock knitters here. WHEN I feel I’m ready for the “real” thing I still think I’ll do the cuff on my mini 9" circulars and then switch to the DPNs when I get to the heel. I hope you’ll keep us posted on how it’s going. I’m anxious to hear what you decide to do. Actually I’d also be interested in where you are in your knitting skills. That might help others with their advice. Jeanie

I’ve actually never FINISHED a project and this is actually my first sock. To be trueful, it’s a stocking and not a sock.
My 9" circular needles seem to be the easiest way to start and work a sock… until the toes…

So if I understand you correctly, suzeeq, I just turn the needles away from me and purl instead of knit? It seems so simple now that I have the answer. Thank you.

Here’s a website that explains how to do a sock using Magic Loop. This might help some.