Sock knitting

Hi, I just completed my first pair of adult socks,(yeah me) and although I love the pattern, color and how warm they are, the bottom heel area is a bit rough and scratcy. Has anyone had this problem?
I used Patons Kroy sock yarn size 2 needle 6 sts/in. Should I be using a different, softer type of sock yarn, or knit with a smaller needle, smaller gauge?
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated since I think I could get addicted to knitting socks.
Thanks Hatlover67

I don’t really know how the heel area could be made rough and scratchy if the yarn you are using is soft sock yarn. I’m thinking that perhaps you knitted the flap and then when you did the heel turn you kept knitting in the same pattern as the heel flap (sl1, k1). That might make the bottom of the heel bumpy and uncomfortable. The heel turn (after the flap) should be done in straight knitting and purling. Not the flap pattern. Does that make sense?

In any case if they don’t feel soft enough, find a fiber you like.

Thanks, I think I did the heel correctly. Just think I may need to get a softer fibre. Any you’d recommend?

softer yarns wear out faster!

You could try some other 'tricks"

1–knit the sole in reverse stocking knit (the smooth ‘knik side’ next to your skin, the bumpy purl side out (or just knit the heel that way)

2–continue in heel stitch for both the turning and the bottom of the heel (you might need to make gusset longer (to add ease) and reduce gusset stitches in 1 row decrease/2 rows no decrease pattern (vs 1 row decrease/1 row no decrease)

this will add a ‘slip stitch’ layer of padding on bottom of heel

3–work both the heel flap, turning and bottom of the heel in a different yarn…(softer) if it wears out, cut out, and reknit just these parts (or do the same with an afterthought heel)

4–wait–and wash! i find Kroy sock yarn softens with each wearing/washing… you might find it gets soft enough in just a few washing.

:woohoo: I don’t have any advice- I just wanted to say YAY! Your first socks!
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