Sock knitting

Hi, everyone. I hope I’m posting in the right place. I haven’t posted in this new forum yet.

I would like to knit socks. I knit one pair a long time ago that turned out fine, but then I went years without knitting and I knit one sock that ended up being too small. Every attempt since then has ended because I make a mistake after I completed my heel on one needle and had to pick up stitches and put everything back on multiple needles. I’m not a big fan of double-pointed needles, but I can manage. I know how to do Magic Loop and use 2 circs. I also just bought a 9-inch circular needle, but I’m having problems finding a pattern specifically for a 9-inch circ. I’m looking for suggestions on a good book or pattern that would get me back to knitting socks. Thanks in advance!

I recommend you to use any pattern using the Fleegle heel. With the Fleegle heel you get fast back to knitting socks and you do not need to pick up any stitches. I think you will have difficulties to find a pattern specifying needles, especially if you want to find something specifying 9-inch circulars. I might be wrong, but most people seem to do either magic loop with bigger circular needles or then using DPNs (my favorite).


Very Pink (Staci Perry) has a video and pattern for socks on 9” needles. She is always clear in her instructions and patterns.
Silver’s sock classes (free online) cover a variety of methods and are worth a look.


Thank you! I appreciate the information.

Thanks! I will look into the Fleegle heel!

See this post on 9" or 12" needles. The designer also sells the pdf pattern on ravelry.


Thank you!