Sock Knitting Woes

What was I thinking?? I started on the basic sock pattern yesterday that my LYS teacher gave me. She got me going and off I went on my merry ( ha Ha ) way…

OMG ~ size one DPN’s ( all 5 of them ) are like using toothpicks. I keep dropping stitches etc. :frowning: :crying:

I’m not sure I’m cut out of the yarn to do this knitting thing.


It does get easier. I knit almost all my socks on size 1’s. I usually recommend beginner sock knitters to knit their first pair with larger needles until they get the hang of it. Is this your first pair?

Right now I am knitting my first pair on size 0 and that is definatly hard on the eyes!

I agree – definitely knit your first pair on larger needles. Then once you’re comfortable with sock construction you can move to the teeny ones. :wink:

Yes start with at least 3’s. (Says she who knit her first socks on 1.5’s :roflhard: ) I’ve knit on 0’s as well, but definitely prefer 1’s or 2’s.

All of the socks I have knitted so far {including the pair in WW for DH} have been done on 2s and 3s {2.75 mm and 3.25 mm}. It hasn’t been prefectly smooth sailing, but it wasn’t bad enough to drive me off knitting socks.

thank you all for the encouragement. I think I’m going to keep going on this pair on these needles. I need to get a really small crochet hook so I can pick up my own dropped stitches instead of going to the LYS every time ( it’s only about 10 min away ). She is having SnB tonight and I am going to go…and get back on track.

On a good note, I did finish a hat and matching scarf this afternoon after I quit working on the socks. It’s done in the basketweave pattern and is in Reynold’s Smile yarn. Was fun to finish that.

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

And don’t give up. Trust me after doing them on small needles when you do make a pair using 3’s you will feel like you are flying!

I had never contemplated doing socks on anything smaller than a 2 or 3 needle…


i also started on size 1 needles w/ fingering weight and 1 sock is done. i don’t have the patience right now for the other!

i’m going to start some on size 3 with worsted weight yarn. maybe that will go better!