Sock knitting. Only 2 stiches for gusset?

Hi everyone. I m knitting fist pair of socks for my other half size 12-13 if that matters. I had 18 stiches on all four needles, then knitted heel flap from needle 1 and 4 together (36 stiches in total). I started to do the base of the heel when the flap had 23 rows and measures 2.75 inches (7 cm). My base (the end of turning the heel) was 14 stiches (I tried the traditional 1/3 first with 12 stiches but came out too narow for his foot), and I managed to pick up 13 stiches from both sides of the flap wich left me 20 stiches again on needle 1 and 4. (13 from one side of flap + half from the end result of my 14 stich turning). Then I’m suppose to decrease gusset until I have the original 18 stiches per needle but that leaves me only 2 stiches to decrease

Now when I looked from internet I found 2 guidlines. First one said the heel flap needs to have as many rows as stiches on the heel flap in total. 36 rows would’ve made it 4.3 inches long (almost 11 cm).
The second one said it shouldn t be longer than 2.75 inces (7 cm).

Now the question is should I try to pick up more stiches from the sides of the flap or decreace my gusset just 2 stiches or knitt the heel flap even longer?

I hope that made sense now, not so good in knitters vocabulary yet :slight_smile:

Otherwise it looks good and fits his foot perfectly so far.

The best thing to do is to pick up more sts on the sides of the heel flap. Instead of 13sts, it would be better to be in the range of 16-18sts. You can pick up more than just in the chain along the side and you should pick up two sts at each corner at the beginning of the heel flap. You may have to try this out to make sure that the picked up sts don’t ruffle which would make the sock wrinkle and be uncomfortable.

This long video is quite nice about picking up along the heel. I would stick to the proportions you’ve used so far however because the fit you have is good.