Sock Knitting Formula

[SIZE=4][FONT=Comic Sans MS]I am really enjoying knitting socks right now. My question is: is there a formula to figure out how many stitches to cast on for a child’s sock? My granddaughter is 7 and I measured the widest part of her foot, the length of her foot, and from the bottom of her heel to the top of the sock.
Merry :muah:

If you’re knitting toe up you might find some useful info if you look at lifestyle socks. The way I learned from them is the way I knit socks.

And Knitty has a very nice method for making your own pattern for top down socks.

This looks so good - copied it for my files. Thank you! I too love knitting socks but have never tried the toe-up.

I too love knitting socks but have never tried the toe-up.

If you promise not to tell anyone else, I’ll tell you why I love toe up socks. Now this is just between you and me, mind. The truth is: I like a lazy, just-get-it-started project to pick up. With yarn I don’t have to worry about shrinking, I can completely skip swatching, if I decide the yarn is too finicky to work with, I can skip adding pattern stitches or I can decide to do them if I want, I stop increasing when it fits [I]my[/I] foot, and I don’t worry about the top being too long and running out of yarn before the toe is done; by starting with Judy’s magic cast on or another that starts with a closed toe, and 2 @ a time, when I bind off [I]I’m done![/I] except for weaving in the loose ends and there might be only 4 of those.

When KIP 2 @ a time socks can get some interesting glances, too, which makes it more fun.

ETA: I don’t have to worry about misplacing a pattern for my basic socks because there isn’t one.

I’m doing toe up right now. 3 pair actually. It’s for a class, but I’ve done another method as well. I always use a turkish cast on and much prefer it to Judys.

I used to have a cool sock chart, but can’t find it!!:hair:

Found it! There’s one for DPN and one for circular. These are cuff down.

Jan, I think I’ll try the Turkish cast on for my next pair of socks. I found a video and in case someone else wants to see, here’s the link. I once used what I think was called a figure 8 cast on when I couldn’t find instructions for anything else (and I had no internet for months) and that was OK. I have to print that chart you linked to.

How are your 3 prs of socks coming along?

I’ve cast on 3 toes in different colors (3 pair of socks) and have the gusset done on one. We do the heel turn in the next class. One other toe is now about 4 inches. The heel in this one is different than I’ve done before. Hence the class.

I’m using 2 different colors on each sock. The toes, heel and ribbing will be a solid and then I’m single row striping the foot and top with the solid and and stripy hand paints. I’ve added one pic on Rav and will soon have another.

Thank you so much for the link to the sock charts and pattern. :yay: