Sock Knitting Addict

I currently have about 6 pairs on the needles… With more to be cast on I am sure…
How many of you are sock knitters??

I knit to fit, 2@time toe-up on magic loop, never actually use a pattern, learned to do it from Lifestyle Socks. I do a gusseted faux heel flap or Fleegle heel. I do have a pair of tube socks otn because I want them to fit a teenage grandson’s feet when they’re done and last more than one wearing.

Ooh me! I knit socks but I have only knitted a measly five or six pairs because of my limited stash of sock yarn. I have one pair OTN which is my fourth pair done 2@a time toe up with magic loop.
It has been going slow because I encountered problems with my eyes, and I couldn’t knit for long without developing terrible headaches. It seems to have gone as mysteriously as it came. So,:x: :knitting: knit on!

Sounds like fantastic sock production from all.
Smallchild, glad your eye problems and headaches have gone, I hope never to return.

me me me, when life doesn’t interrupt, that is… since i haven’t updated my ‘acountabilibuddy’ post, i had to count on my fingers and toes with my tongue stuck out. it was hard thinkin’.

one design with some mill end mystery sock yarn i’m calling ‘fava beans and a nice chianti’ due to its coloring - reds, browns, blues, purples. it’s got broken rib on the top and zig-zag stockinette on the sole.

one i started using my 421 garter rib hat pattern that’s still in development. using a nice navy sock yarn (it borders on a sport weight) for a masculine sock.

one top-down just to do it, because i prefer toe-up. using a tweed-type sport yarn. trying a basketweave pattern on them.

so 3… all 2-@-a-time. but also, all languishing due to life/time constraints. but they’re all still WIPs, not UFOs.

soon, my pretties, soon…

2 1/2 pair one at a time. They’re my car projects.

I have knitted 5 pairs of socks for my self and one pair went to my daughter.

I am a “sockaholic” !! 160 pairs oh handknit socks.

If you REALLY stretch the point, right now, I’m a sock knitter.
MANY years ago I did a pair in double knitting. Its very cool when you’re done, to magically pull one sock out of the other.

that’s not how I’m doing my sock right now.

one sock. I may or may not make another, depending on how I feel next week. I might go back to another project, or start yet one more. LOL.
as a conversation on the bus went yesterday:

what are you knitting?
a sock.

just the one?

for now.

EDR!!! 160 pairs of socks? who for? how many feet do you have?

selling? gifting?

I’m impressed. and they make a GREAT photo.


wow, that picture… i have to say, that feels like an unattainable goal, for many of us… i can’t even do the one pair each month clubs on ravelry because it’s too much pressure/time committment…

Socks are small, and although wool, they are not a heavy fabric on the lap…so for me they are perfect summer knitting. Your mojo will return…a few cooler days will bring you back!!

i bet it’d be interesting if you shared your sock techniques… certain go-to patterns, preferences for needle sizes, yarn companies, helpful tutorials you’ve used, etc… :slight_smile:

This is the basic sock pattern/tutorial that I wrote for knitting socks on one 12" circular needle.

edr, that is a most impressive collections of socks. They look gorgeous.

thankyou for that pattern/tutorial! That’s even simpler (and VERY clear) than the sock I’m working on.

I’ve added it to my list. I have PLENTY of yarn that could make some pretty nice socks.

no way am I going for a sock knitting record, though. one sock at a time, that’s MY rule.

knitone, do you have a link for double knitting socks? That sounds like a wonderful idea for our winters.

no, sorry, I don’t. Just take your favourite sock recipe, and do it double.
vague, I know. I can do it, I just can’t tell you HOW.

but there are double knitting tutorials on you tube. you have to be sure not to cross one sock thread with the second sock thread. keep them separate. but together.

right now, I’m just doing one sock on dpns. it should* be done today.

*subject to change radically. I might pick up some other project-in-waiting, just for a change.


it’s done.

one down, I’ll start the second sock tomorrow.

I’m feeling very smug and pleased with myself. it even fits!
photos when there’s a pair.

Try this link.

Wow! 160 pairs! That’s incredible! I only know how to knit with dpn but my next feat will be to learn on the magic loop. My next lesson with my teacher! Thanks for sharing this post.