Sock knitters: Wooly nylon and 100% superwash wool

Got a question for you experienced sock knitters out there. I have some 100% wool that’s superwash that DH picked out for me to knit him socks with. I wanted to get some wooly nylon to knit with it for extra spring-back and wear, but I’m having a lot of difficulty finding it in colours that go with the wool he picked.

Here’s the question: Do I need the wooly nylon for extra spring, or will the rib pattern I’m using provide enough of that. Since they are superwash, I can wash them as often as need be. If they wear out because I didn’t add the WN, that just means that I get to go buy more wool to make him more socks with!

I don’t want to do any more searching for this stuff really… since I want to get started on his socks as soon as I’m done my cascading leaves.

I’ve knit a few pair of socks with 100% wool, no wooly nylon & they are fine :smiley: There’s also talk about wooly nylon (or anything that u carry along) can actually cut into the fiber u r using for the sock. I guess it all depends on where u look, u have people that insist on a carry along with 100% wool & those that don’t. I’m cool with either…have knit both ways & I really don’t see that big or a difference, truthfully…but, I’ve been knitting for 2 yrs, not a long time…thus far, my socks are still holding up :thumbsup:

Thanks a bunch for the confirmation Becka! I haven’t been knitting all that much longer than you, but I have only about 6 months of sock knitting in. I can cast on DHs socks tomorrow morning when I get home from work then. I’d like to have a pair done for his b-day/ our anniv. at the beginning of June, and the other pair done for father’s day… That way he can go and buy me a whole bunch more sock yarn for my b-day in July!!! :roflhard: :happydance:

There ya go…now that’s thinkin’ :wink:

Only one prob… I decided to cast on the sock so that I can take it with me to work, and I realized that I’m probably not going to have enough wool. :shock: I have 2-50g balls of the wool, but being WW each ball is only 85m, so that means I’m going to have to go down to Rams tomorrow and see if they have more in the same dye lots as what I have… if not, DH is getting fraternal twins for socks! :roflhard:

Or… it’s an excuse to buy enough for socks of the NEW dye lot and put these in your stash :wink:

Mama Bear

:smiley: That’s what I’m saying :wink:

LOL, or, u can do a different color on the heel & toe, or the ribbing, heel & toe :thumbsup:

Or, a different color on the leg & foot…the possibilities are almost endless :wink:

Normally I wouldn’t worry about it so much and come up with a creative solution like that to fix it. It’s just that I know DH is looking forward to solid-coloured socks. It’s not that big of a deal anyway. If they are different dye lots, they will be different feet… so unless there is a glaring difference in colour, no one will notice. I’ll be trying to get over there tomorrow anyway, so I’ll see what happens. :thinking: