Sock Knitters Pentathalon-SKP2008

Hi! Don’t know if anyone has already posted about this but thought
some folks might enjoy signing up. I found it through another knitting
group I belong to. The first pattern is going to be published on March
1 so there’s still time to sign up! Here’s a link to the yahoo group. And I believe there is a group on Ravelry but I haven’t
checked that yet…

Libbie :slight_smile:

Thanks - I just joined the group! :woohoo:

Thank you I also joined the group. I love socks.cloud9

Looks like fun, but I put my knitting away in the spring and move my activities outdoors. I am working on my 10th sock though this winter so I know it would be a blast to participate.

:happydance: I joined the group and on ravelry…excited to see what pattern will kick things off in March :yay:

Thanks - I joined too!

Thanks for posting this! I joined up as well. Looking forward to some sock knitting goodness. Probably won’t do the contest seeing as it all starts during Bike Week here and I’ll be working 12hr days for that whole week, but this will be my first KAL. So excited.:cheering: