Sock knitters...I have a question!

About 6 or 8 months ago I tried my first sock (dpns). I got to the heel turn, got mad, and quit knitting the sock. Then two of the newest knitters in my SNB started knitting socks on 2 circs and I decided to give it a whirl. I figured it out, thought it was a neat technique but it didn’t really hold my interest.

I’ve always wanted to knit socks–it’s the reason I started knitting in the first place…

a couple of nights ago I tried again using two strands of DK yarn and used the North County Cotton Sock Pattern on this site (under free patterns). I whipped up a child’s sock in no time and thought it was TONS of fun! Today I decided to knit a real pair of socks, pulled out some old sock yarn I had purchased and cast on. In about a round I was fed up again…Maybe it’s the tiny needles and yarn that stumps me/bores me???

Do any of you have tips to make sock knitting easier? Is it just those first few rounds? I want to knit socks so badly–I have some of the most beautiful sock yarn that I can only pet and gaze at…

When I made my first socks recently, I was getting annoyed with the first few rows, too. I finally just knit a few rows back and forth and then joined. It was much easier to get started that way.

The ribbing part seemed neverending, but once I got started on the pattern of the leg, it was more fun and seemed to go by quickly since each needle had a repeat–kind of marked off the rounds.

The first few rounds are always awkward on double points, especially with tiny needles and fine yarn. Just stick it out, and it will get better. :thumbsup:

Dear Cristy,

It took me a few “practice” ones, too, before I could knit my first “real” sock. I also tried a baby sock first, and a few stabs at a heal turn, before I really “got it.” Don’t worry. This is all really normal.

Find a set of DP’s you love, pick a yarn that excites you, sit down, and go for it. If it turns out to be just another practice sock, don’t worry. Consider it all practice, for as long as it takes to truly get it - then you won’t ever be able to stop!


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It took me awhile to get into sock knitting. For me, it takes an interesting pattern and a fun yarn to really stick with it. It also takes me several rounds to not feel frustrated or fear that I accidentally turned something around or messed up somewhere.

There’s nothing wrong sticking with heavier yarn and bigger needles until you get more comfortable with it. Or playing with smaller yarn and needles to get used to that. And there’s nothing that says you have to use sock yarn for socks.

That said, should you have the need, I provide a very loving home to sock yarns who’s owners can no longer care for them. :teehee:

I don’t mind making socks w/ bigger needles and yarn but I live in GA and thick socks, unless you like them from around the house–just aren’t really needed all that often.

The first sock I made (or almost made–to the heel turn) was on size 3s and used sock yarn and I don’t remember it being such a pain…I guess I’m just being impatient.

Don’t worry…if I don’t get it fairly soon, I’ll be looking to swap my sock yarn…I have one beautiful handpainted hank that I paid $36.00 for!!!

Christy, nothing more fiddly than tiny yarn, tiny slick needles and starting a sock. The first 4 rounds are crazy. Here’s what I do. After casting on dividing up, joining into a round, I make sure I’m sitting at a table (usually kitchen) and can lay them flat to make sense of them. I can check to make sure my cast on isn’t twisted and generally see the sock better. I don’t know why this works, but for me it truly does. I hope you get the same results.

Believe it or not, sock knitting actually goes MUCH faster when you’re doing a pattern on the leg! Stockinette stitch legs, while easy, are mind-numbingly monotonous. Besides, they tend to sag.

The M and M technique - a big bowl and you get one every round (or every needle if you need a bit of extra encouragement - or chocolate love).


I recommend toe up socks. They are much more interesting, IMHO. Prettier too.


It does take a minute for the first couple of rounds not to seem awkward when you are first starting to knit socks. But the other thing I thought of is maybe it is the needles you are using…metal needles used to bother me when I first started and using wood made those first few rounds less frustrating. Even now different yarns make me choose between my knit picks dpns and my brittanys…oh and I found switching to the small brittany’s, (5"?) made it a lot easier and much quicker. They fit in my hands so much better.

Either way, good luck, I hope it works out for you!

You get to eat chocolate while making socks??? I¨m on my way to buy some sock yarn ( and chocolate… :happydance: ) :out: