Sock-iverous toes!

Knew that would get your attention!

Since I have sock-iverous toes (carniverous being meat-eating so sock-iverous is, well, sock-eating), I’ve been reinforcing with wooly nylon the toes of socks I’ve made for myself.

Once I’ve satisfied my own sock lust and moved on to socks for my hubby, I face a problem: the [color=red]soles of his feet [/color]are sockiverous. I’d like to prolong the life of the socky treasures I knit for him, but don’t want to knit the reinforcing fiber up over the instep. The solution is probably obvious and I’m just too dense to see it. Is there a way to reinforce just the soles with an additional fiber?

Hrm… that’s a tough one. I’ll have to consider.

Meanwhile, be sure to knit at the tightest gauge you can. Definitely tighter than the ball band suggests. That helps a lot with durability.

You can also use the 80/20 wool nylon blends, which are stronger and still wonderfully wooly. I know they’re hard to find in solids, though, and sometimes the most enticing yarns just don’t have the nylon.

I’ll sleep on it and post any brilliant solutions that come in my dreams!

For a blended wool that’s available in solids, Patons Kroy fits the bill. As for his sock-iverous soles, I’d probably do a sl st sole, like you do for a traditional heel.

Aha, I found the thread…Amy told me about these…


Thanks very much! Those both sound like excellent solutions!