Sock inside out?

You would think I would know this–this is my 4th pair. Every time I start socks I don’t know if I’m knitting them inside out or not. Should the sock be coming towards me as I knit on the needles, or should it be down through the hole in the needles going away from me? Right now it looks right either way because I’m just doing the ribbing.

Down through the hole. The finished work should be heading for your lap and the working needles should be right in front with the circle of the work going around away from you.

The often used analogy here is to picture it like a cup or drinking glass. The part you drink from (knit from) is closest to you, the body of the cup (your finished fabric) is below.

Thanks a lot! That’s the way it started, but I wasn’t sure.

If that’s the case, what did I do wrong? I’m knitting a sock right now and the finished work is coming towards me with the needles closer to my lap. To use the drinking cup analogy, it’s like I’m holding the cup upside down. Is this something I should be worried about?

scroll down to the bottom, there is a section on knitting inside out with great pictures!


Sajamoro, you might try flipping your work inside out so the needles are where the `cup’ rim should be, and the tips with your yarn are closest too you. Or maybe you’re already knitting rightside out, just holding it differently.

Thanks Sue.
It appears to be rightside out. I guess I’m just holding them differently. As long as that doesn’t cause a problem later I’m okay with it. It isn’t go to cause a problem later, is it?

It shouldn’t. Might be awkward to do something, but I’m sure there’s a way around it.