Sock help

Hi Everyone,

I am a new sock knitter and have a quick question. Why is my sock knitting inside out? All the pictures I see of socks being knitted have the right side out. What am I doing wrong?


It has something to do with the way you joined at the beginning. You should be able to press the sock down and turn it inside out to get it straightened out.

It has to do with how you hold the needles as you knit. Best image I’ve read is to imagine a drinking glass - you drink from the edge nearest you, and if you knit from that edge too, then it will be right side out. Yet if you knit on the opposite side, it’s inside out (which, btw, according to Cat Bordhi has no negative repercussions so long as you are ok with your knitting being inside out as you knit it, and can remember which side is which).

And, if you want to see/hear Cat herself, I dug up the vid for you - she starts talking about this issue at 2:33

Hi Deb, welcome to Knitting Help!

I knit my first pair of booties inside out, didn’t really catch on until a friend showed me the difference. They came out fine, though.

Sock are fun, and, they are great conversation starters when you knit in public.

That’s it!!! Thank you so much. This has been driving me nuts. My first sock turned out fine so you are righ it is OK to knit them inside out.

Thanks for your help!


Hmmm, it should knit right-side out??? Maybe I need some help too…