Sock Help

I am doing Cat Bordhi’s Columbine Peak sock in her Sock Soar book (page 20-21), using the magic loop.

I am following a chart. I have 36 sts on each needles = 72sts.

In the chart it shows k10, k2tog, yo in the first row (pattern repeat over 12 sts). “Since the pattern repeat is 12sts, you will fit three repeats on each needle”. I’m confused. It does not work math wise or does it?

Do I k10, k2tog, yo; then k9, k2tog, yo, k8, k2tog, yo? Or do I yo and k2tog? Or k10, k2tog, yo, k10, 2tog, yo, k10?

Also, do I k1 after the k2tog and then yo? Help me or am I confusing you?

Thanks in advance.

I think you knit 10, k2tog, yo; knit 10, k2tog, yo; knit 10, k2tog, yo, then go to the next needle.
[SIZE=1]if you’re using dpns it is probably easier to do the 3rd yo on each needle onto the beginning of the next needle (so then you would do the last yo on the 3rd needle back onto the 1st needle).[/SIZE]

this is how it goes - you have 36 on each needle, divided by 12 st repeats = 3 repeats of 12 on each needle.
so the first repeat is 10 sts are plain knit, then you knit the 11th and 12 sts tog, then you have a 13th stitch, the yo - but this counts as stitch #12 after the 2tog, which made the 12th st you started with disappear.
& so there is no knit stitch between the 2tog and the yo.
then 2 more of the same thing on that needle.

did that help?

I understand k10, then you knit the 11th and 12th sts tog, but the 13th st is where the confusion is for me. I put the yarn in front of right needle and k1, however I then have 23sts. Or does the yo means moving the yarn in front of right needle and k is included in the next k10 which is 24sts.

Yes, it works math-wise, you’re decreasing 1 stitch with the k2tog, then increasing it again with the yo. So, for 3 pattern repeats, it’d be k 10, k2tog (11) yo (12) k 10 (22) k2tog (23) yo (24) k 10 (34) k2tog (35) yo (yo) etc… Numbers in parantheses indicate which stitch you should be on at that point in time.