Sock help

i am using silvers sock tutorial.:heart: i have made the foot to length, and am about to start the heel on sock A. i have the socks on a circ (doing ML). i just finished a full round on each and am back at the begining. my question is, what exactly do i do next?:zombie:
(my instep and ‘heel’ side have 20 stitches each-40 st sock) Do i knit a half a round on the instep A, then start my heel, or do i just turn the work, and start doing my heel?
thanks. i really want to ‘get’ this :shifty:

If you are following along with her tutorial, she has you split the stitches and just start knitting back over the last half of your stitches. So the first row would be the knit row, then turn the work, and purl the next row. Does that make sense? I don’t know if I am explaining it well.

  1. combine stitches from needles 3 and 4 onto 1 needle by slipping the stitches from needle 3 to needle 4 purlwise.
  2. Then you can start knitting in the pattern that silver has established, which is believe is a slip one, knit one pattern for the first row.

hmm, i guess i wasn’t clear. i am using her toe up two at once magic loop method. do i knit the front (instep) of sock A which would put me at the heel section, then start the heel for sock A? or do i turn the sock A and start the heel process right now? or do i knit the front instep of both socks and start the heel of sock B? i am so lost!

hmmm…i’m sorry. I actually have not yet knit a toe up sock, so I can’t help you :frowning:

Well, if your socks are in stocking, your instep and sole will be the same, yeah? So you can use either one as the sole side. If you have a pattern on the instep, knit across until you have just finished a heel/sole side knit row: knit across all the heel stitches, when you have finished them turn the knitting like knitting flat and purl (I’m assuming you are doing a standard heel flap?). So knit across until you have just knitted the heel stitches, then turn them and purl across just those 20 heel stitches.