Sock Help!

I hope someone is on to help me. I’m stuck. I’m doing Silver’s tutorial. I have my 20 rows of making my heel flap and have 20 stitches on the needle as I’m doing worsted weight instructions. I’m at turning the heel. It says to purl to two stitches beyone the center (of 20) which is 12 stitches. Then it says to purl 2 stitches as one which leaves fourteen stitches left to work. It the says to purl one more stitch and I will have purled 18. That doesn’t add up to eithteen. 12 + the two purled together (2) plus one more is only 15 stitches purled total, not the 18 is says I should have purled. What do I do?


With your empty working needle, purl to 2 stitches beyond center. (purl 18 14 12 stitches.)
Next, purl 2 stitches together as one (see pic and instructions below).
Purl one more stitch and turn your work… (yes, even though you havent purled all the stitches on your needle.)

Purled 18 stitches:

Okay everything i quoted there is what I am seeing right up to the first picture on that page. If you are talking about the caption to the picture she is just showing you a picture of what it looks like when you have purled 18, right before you are to purl 2 tog. if you were using the sock weight for those instructions then that would be correct for you but it isn’t. It sounds like you are doing it right…you have purled 12, purled the next two together (14 stitches) and purled the next one (15 total.)

but she says i will have purled 18 total and I will only have purled 15. Should i turn the work on 15 and continue on even though it states i should have 2 stitches left on the needle and i have 5?

thanks for your help!

can you show where you are seeing that? I am not seeing the same thing and am probably overlooking it. (I do that a lot :wall: )

You’re talking about the caption above the first picture? (Purled 18 stitches: pic).

That’s because Silver is using sock weight yarn in her demo pictures; if you’re doing that, you will have purled 18. But since you’re using worsted, you will have only purled 15. Does that make sense?

That’s the only place I am seeing it too. :??

In the photos, it shows what I am doing, not necessarily what you’re doing. I worked with sock weight yarn, so at that point I did purl 18 stitches (you would purl 12). If you look at the next photo, it shows that after I purled those 18, I then purled two together. Although the there isn’t another photo showing it, I did then purl one more before turning my work. These photos are just as a guide to the steps, not necessarily the exact steps you’re taking… unless you too are working with a sock weight yarn. You should read everything carefully and follow all written steps. The photos are only for demonstration purposes.

Since you’re working with a worsted weight, you will purl 12 stitches, purl two together, then purl one more before turning your work and continuing onto the next step.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for the help! I’m on the gusset now. I’ve had to wrip twice but I’m getting it :slight_smile: I will have a sock if it kills me :wall:

Hang tough, Kathy! I know you can do it! Then, in a few days, you will proudly wear your socks and show them off to everyone!!!

[size=2]That’s what I did today @ my son’s football game.[/size] :teehee: