Sock Help

Ok a friend told me about a book called “Socks Sore on 2 Circular Needles” I have the book now and am trying my first ever sock. The knitting actually goes pretty quick, and up until now I’ve understood the pattern. What I need help with (I feel ashamed to ask) is what is a gusset?

The instructions say “With same needles, pick up 11 stitches in the loops along the heel flap. In the intersection of the heel flap and instep pick up the stitch. On the next round you will knit through a back loop to keep a hole from appearing. Place a marker here.”

It then states to look to the needle with the 14 heel turn stitches are and transfer the 7 stitches to that needle.

I’m a little confused here. Can anyone explain exactly what I am suppose to be picking up from which needle and putting it where?

Very Confused

This link might help

That does help some. Thanks. I’m jsut going to have to try it and see what happens. I’m working on a sample sock, so if I mess up and have to start over it’s no big deal
THanks again

The gusset is the shaping on the side of the foot between the heel flap, instep and foot part of the sock. Hard to explain… maybe this will help?

There is a vid on this site on how to tune a heel, pick up gusset stitches, and decreasing. Maybe that would help you. It helped me ALOT!!! Good Luck!!