Sock help


Hi everyone. I am doing Liat Gaits magic loop socks top down one at a time. I got to the point that I finished the heel flap and everything is fine but when I picked up the stitches along the side and went back to knit across the instep, the socks are upside down. So the working yarn is on the front. I am completely baffled and I hope someone can help me. Did I pick up the stitches on the side going the wrong direction?


Is this pattern from the video class? Can you post a photo or 2 to show us where you are in the pattern?
Usually after the heel flap, you pick up sts along the side of the heel, knit across the instep, then pick up sts on the other side of the heel (see about 3:30 min into the video). This video may or may not match up with your pattern directions. See if it helps and if not, come back at post your photos.


Thank you. I will watch the video. I ripped back and redid the heel. Now I’m back in the pick up section. It’s the picking up that has messed me up. I think I picked up the wrong side and that turned everything around.


That could do it. Usually, you work with the right side (RS) facing for this.


Oh my goodness thank you for the video. I did it!


Excellant! You’re on your way.