Sock help required

ok so im finally nearly at the toe part (yay) . but concerned the foot is too long. Im making it for a 6-12 month old…ive knitted 5 rounds already (well 9, if you count the 4 before i repeated - i am supposed to repeat those 4 rounds 8 times). Should I a) stop and move onto the shaping of toe b)reverse a frew rounds or c) continue knitting to 8?

Apart from that have I done a good job?

The sock looks adorable! The chart here gives a 6-12 month foot size as 4.25-4.75 inches. Some of the length of your sock may be taken up by the baby’s foot width but this measurement gives you an idea of the total length you’ll need.

so i guess im reversing a few rounds then? i just measured and its come up to 5 inches

Sock no 1