Sock help please!

I’m trying to do my first sock. I got to the heel. I’m confused by these directions. She says to do a slip stitch row which is “slip 1. knit 1, slip 1 as if to purl across; end knit 1”

I don’t understand the slip and then end knit 1. Am I supposed to slip the stitch and knit the next stitch, and that’s the end of my row?

I’m not a sock person, but when a pattern says ‘across’ it usually means across the whole row.

So sl one, k1, slip as if to purl across the row, then knit 1

I don’t think I’m doing it right. I end up with a loose strand? I’m doing slip 1, knit 1, slip 1 and then slipping across to the last stitch which is knit1. Should I be doing knit 1 slip 1, knit 1 slip 1 across, I wonder? Ugh.

You’re right, I’m sorry. :oops: Slip one. Then knit 1, slip 1 across the row, end with k1.

My way made absolutely no sense at all. I guess I shouldn’t try to type and be on the phone at the same time!

I got it :slight_smile: Thank you! You are always so helpful!